Of course, as soon as I post a blog on my plans for the future life has to go and throw a curve ball. Please have some patience as I take care of some things in my work and personal life. I will be back on a couple of weeks. Stay strange until then!

Welcome back everyone! Sorry, but no special blog topic this time. Today I wanted to focus on sharing my plans for the future with you. As most of you have probably noticed, I upload two posts weekly, every Monday and Thursday night (between 6pm – 9pm west coast time). On May 1st, it will be […]

YouTube; that largest library of videos in the world! The second highest visited Website on the internet as of 2018. YouTube has an over 30 million visits every day. On this website, you have the ability to upload practically ANY video you want to after creating an account. Those videos can range from how to […]

            You would have to have been living under a rock, as a hermit in the deep dark woods, or shipwrecked far away on a deserted island to not know what Minecraft is. Even if you are much, much older than I am (which is a lot of you; I’m pretty young… just don’t ask […]

Thank you for joining me on this continued journey into the strange and paranormal. In the last post, I left you with these questions: what makes the paranormal possible? Why are there houses that seem to be haunted? Why do some people just seem to attract the paranormal around them? My theory on this, is […]

                You’re home alone; it’s late into the night. You decided early on that you were going to watch this crazy scary movie that everyone has been talking about. The credits start rolling as you ponder instant feelings of regret in this choice. You press the stop button and pop out the disc to return […]

Okay, you’ve read the title, so you know you’re about to get bombarded with a whole lot of geeked up nerdiness, right? Seriously though, I thought I’d try some a little different for this post. you’d have to be hard to impress to not love at least one game that’s floating out there in the […]