Announcements for Future Endeavors

Welcome back everyone! Sorry, but no special blog topic this time. Today I wanted to focus on sharing my plans for the future with you. As most of you have probably noticed, I upload two posts weekly, every Monday and Thursday night (between 6pm – 9pm west coast time). On May 1st, it will be one month since the initial launch and I want to continue pushing on to bigger and better for everyone out there that enjoys my thoughts, ideas, and/or opinion and take on things floating around in our little universe. So, in the coming weeks, I will be launching a YouTube channel and start weekly posts there. I hope that you will join me there as well, but don’t worry. I will still be uploading blogs on here for a while, plus other announcements will be shared through anyone following me here too. I will, however, be dropping back my weekly post to one a week, once I start posting vlogs regularly.

            I hope that you will join me and follow along on both of these paths. There may be things I talk about that may be posted exclusively on here and other topics that I may discuss on both sites but go more in depth on the YouTube channel. I do have to try to give myself a little free time here and there. For one thing, my six kids do enjoy my company every once and a while, and my wife is tolerant to a little bit of “Queen” time. For another, I have another BIG project I have been working on for a while that is in dire need of a revamp and wrap up. All I can tell you right now, is that it is going to be something epic, and a journey into knowing more of the unknown that makes up the inner machinations of my mind.            

Lastly, if you have any suggestions for future topics you may to see brought up here, please comment below (and please keep it PG). If you like to read more on the paranormal, I have plans for doing a part three, and possibly part four of “A Haunting We Will Go” that I did a couple weeks ago. Until then, stay tuned, stay in touch, and stay strange everyone!

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