My Top Minecraft YouTubers to Follow

YouTube; that largest library of videos in the world! The second highest visited Website on the internet as of 2018. YouTube has an over 30 million visits every day. On this website, you have the ability to upload practically ANY video you want to after creating an account. Those videos can range from how to take apart your laptop for repairs, funny compilation videos of pets, and even Minecraft! Yes, I said Minecraft. If you don’t know what Minecraft is (you sad, sad person), and missed out on my last post about Minecraft (*Sigh*), allow me to give you a quick rundown. Minecraft is a 10-year-old video game, that is a completely open world environment that is made entirely of a blocky format. You can play survival where you start with nothing and you have to mine everything to build what you want and unlock achievements. You can also play creative, where you are given an unlimited supply of every block in the game, and you can build anything you want. They have made tons of updates to the game over the years, constantly adding new types of blocks, animals, biomes, as well as skins for you character and texture packs to change how the world looks.

So, if you didn’t before, you now know what Minecraft and YouTube are all about. When you put these two things together, you get all kinds of cool videos available to you. You can watch how-to videos on building castles, creating redstone contraptions, making mob farms, and XP grinders. You can also watch other players, or groups of players build their communities on Minecraft servers and see what crazy kinds of concoctions they make together. Lastly, you can check out some of the crazy build competitions they host online, as well as some of the enormous creations and Minecraft replicas people come up with. With that being said, here is my list of some of the best YouTubers of Minecraft out there, Including Honorable Mentions at the end:

  1. DanTDM (British YouTube Personality) – Dan Has Been uploading videos of him playing games for several years now. When He first started out, it was just DanTDM and Dr. Trayaurus (if you want to know, you have to watch; sorry) on his various Minecraft worlds. What I really enjoyed with these videos, is the amount of thought and imagination DanTDM put into all the videos. I loved watching these videos with all 5 of my kids (and now you now why I have an “unraveled mind”). Especially for the simple fact that I could watch every DanTDM video with them, as Dan keeps it totally PG! Nowadays, Dan plays a lot of other types of games on the PC. It’s still fun to watch him play, and it’s safe for the little eyes and ears.  Even though he doesn’t play Minecraft much anymore, you can still catch all his older Minecraft videos on his YouTube channel.
  • Mumbo Jumbo (British YouTube Personality) – Mumbo is another YouTuber from the United Kingdom, that has been uploading for several years now. All of Mumbo’s videos are Minecraft based. I first started watching Mumbo when I was looking for a how-to video on making a four by four piston door. My three boys and I got hooked on his channels a couple years ago. What I like about Mumbo’s channel, is that he usually sticks to a schedule throughout the week. Normally, Mumbo uploads about 4 videos a week; two are either how-to redstone builds or silly contraption ideas from viewers, and two are videos of projects that Mumbo does on the Hermitcraft server online with a group of friends. This is another YouTuber that Keeps all his recording very clean; no bad language, or distasteful talk at all.
  • Cubfan135 (American YouTube Personality) – Cubfan Is a Youtuber from the United States that has been uploading Minecraft videos for quite some time. He has done some video series on other games in the past, but the last few years, he has been a dedicated Minecraft extraordinaire. Cubfan is also a member of the Hermitcraft server Like Mumbo. Like Mumbo, Cubfan uploads several videos a week, most of them are on the Hermitcraft server, but some of the videos are what he calls snapshots. These are snippets of the soon to release updates where he shows you some of the things that will be added to Minecraft. Any other remaining videos are left to his interesting tutorials. My favorite thing about Cubfan, is how he puts his imagination to use to create some really cool automated farms, as well as some of the mini games he has created. The best one so far, has got to be trident golf! I wish that the Xbox bedrock version of Minecraft had the same options as the java version, so I could play a course of my own with the kids!
  • GoodTimesWithScar (American YouTube Personality) – Scar (for short) is a YouTuber from the United States. He has been doing Minecraft videos for at least 6 years and is a dedicated Minecrafter! He has done a few other series, but His videos on Minecraft are surely the favorites in my family. Like a few others on this list, Scar is a member of the Hermitcraft server too. Actually, he and Cubfan are owner and proprietors of ConCorp on the Hermitcraft server (you’d have to watch the videos for the entertaining explanations). Scar is absolutely awesome at capturing nature to the extreme in Minecraft. My favorite thing about Scar is his dedication and perseverance. He was Diagnosed with some rare type of neuromuscular disease at the age of sixteen. Even though there at times where Scar is forced to leave us for a little while due to his illness, he doesn’t let it keep him down or define who he is. Scar always tries to stay in contact with his fans. Also, like every other person that is on this list, he is very family friendly (that’s something that is very important to me). Go check out some of his videos, and you may just become scarred for life!
  • Familycraft Dad (American YouTube Personality) – FCD (for short) is another YouTuber from the United States. FCD may not have been putting his Minecraft on Youtube for near as long as some of the others on this list, but you can tell by his builds, that he is certainly no beginner! FCD has a lot of good imagination that he puts to use on some of the servers he has been a part of. I like watching a lot of his videos, but Mysticraft is probably my series. The other aspect of FCD that sets him apart from a lot of others out there, is some of the enormous replicas he does. I think a few of my favorites would be the Hobbit Scene he did, and a dueling Dragons scene. The only gripe I have with FCD, is that he doesn’t upload as consistently as others. I would love to see more of his videos spent on the Mysticraft server working on some of the big projects he started a while ago. I get it though; it’s not easy being a fulltime dad, working fulltime, and trying to dedicate time to your own hobbies.

Honorable Mentions:

            Grian, FalseSymmetry, Iskall85, Unspeakable Gaming, Xisumavoid, ZedaphPlays, Kysaeri Gaming, Rendog, ImpulseSV, Stampylonghead, docm77, Tango Tek, JoeHillsTSD, ZombieCleo, StressMonster, Ilmango, and Dark Corners to name a few.

            So, there are some of my favorite Minecraft YouTubers that I really enjoy watching with my family. They all family friendly, all great builders, and they offer a lot of how-to videos or tutorials on various aspects of this ever-growing game. This list is not in a rated order, and I would’ve liked to talk about everyone, but I’m sure you don’t want to read a 25,000-word blog on Minecraft Youtubers. Also, I apologize if the list sounded a bit repetitive. I want to try and keep the same format for them all in presenting the information to you. I hope you enjoyed this article. Until next time, stay strange!

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