A Haunting We Will Go (Part II)

Thank you for joining me on this continued journey into the strange and paranormal. In the last post, I left you with these questions: what makes the paranormal possible? Why are there houses that seem to be haunted? Why do some people just seem to attract the paranormal around them? My theory on this, is that like energies are attracted to like energies. I know that’s not the most straight forward response you may have been expecting, so please allow me to break this down for a better understanding.

Fig A. Example of Gravity Wells

I will have to get a bit nerdy on you here, but I’m not going to dive too deep into the field of quantum physics or bore you to death with the law of attraction, so don’t worry (This is the unraveling mind, not the melting mind, or the blowing mind up). The basics with the law of attraction is that positive energy is attracted to positive energy and likewise for negative energy to negative energy. Now think of a collection of those energies, that over time, builds up enough to create a gravity well on a plane of existence (See Fig. A below).  For the sake of my theory, let’s say that the larger well is a well of negative energy, and the smaller well to the left is a collection of positive energy. Okay one last thing; the law of the conservation of energy. The principle of this law is that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but only transformed or transferred from one form to another.

                I know I’m throwing a lot out here, please bear with me. It is important to have a good understanding of what these things are, for me to properly explain my theory about paranormal activity. Back to the topic of energies. We humans are made up of energy. As the law of conservation states, energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred or transformed, so it stands to reason that when we die (the physical body anyways), our energy is transferred to another plane of existence or transformed into another form of energy. If our energy does transfer to another plane, what is to say that our collective energy isn’t the shell of what we were in this plane that earth exists in? That this shell of energy is our soul that has gained ascension through transference to another plane of existence (yes, your mind is now officially unraveled).

Fig. B.

                In Theory, there are other planes of existence that occupy the same space around us, so it could be possible for energies to transfer from one plane to another. As an example, look at how these layers of paper (see Fig. B) can occupy the same space, but are also still three separate pieces of paper at the same time. Taking it one step further, lets imagine that the top sheet is the plane of earth, the middle sheet is the spirit plane, and the bottom is the void plane, or what we know as hell (this is purely for the purpose of painting the perfect picture in your head). I refer to this as the “Veiled Planes of Existence,” and these planes can exist completely separate from one another, but still have effects and interactions with each other in the right conditions.

This is all hypothetical of course, but there have been tons of research and studies done to substantiate these sound theories. Check out some of the links in the references below for more information. Now, let me circle back to the gravity wells. Imagine once more, that the top layer of paper in Fig. B (The Earth plane) is also the plane in Fig. A with the gravity wells. Remember, the larger well is a collection of negative energy, while the smaller one is a collection of positive energy. Let’s pretend that Fig. A is a snapshot of an actual place on earth; a city for example. At the center point of both the gravity wells, are two different buildings. Suppose that there’s a church at the positive well and several miles away, an old dilapidated house at the center of the negative well. Still with me?

The last part of the puzzle is the reason there are distinctive gravity wells at the church and the house. The house in this hypothetical scenario, is now run down and abandoned. However, many years ago, an imaginary family lived there. The father suffered from mental illness, killed his wife, all three children, and then himself one night. This horrible catastrophe became the catalyst for the collection of negative energy. Some years later, a man kidnapped a woman, brought her to this house where he happened to be squatting, and raped her. A couple years after that, some drug addicts were hanging out at the house one night, when a girl in the group died from an over dose. After a brief history of the house, we are now back to the present time where there is an immense negative gravity well. It is unseen to the eye, only a person hypersensitive to energy fields would know its there. However, someone like you or me, would still have “feelings”. That nervous feeling you get sometimes, like your being watched or stalked. The feeling you get when it seems like your gut drops and the hair on your neck stands up. If you visited this house now, you may hear things moving around or whispers in the air. You might see shadows, or full-bodied apparitions. If you particularly unlucky, you may be touched by something you can’t see, or at the very worst, your energy could become spiritually overtaken (possessed).

The reason these things are possible is due to the gravity well of negative energy. Again, remember that for this hypothetical scenario, I asked you to combine the two pictures above. The 3 layers of paper, with the top piece representing our gravity wells. Think of the depth of weight from that gravity. You can’t see it physically, but it still has an effect of the plane. Now, think of the middle piece of paper (the spiritual plane). The gravity well on the top plane is now affecting the other planes. This weight of negative energy would become so great, that it would stretch and thin the veils the separate the planes. This weakened location becomes the point of access for energies to transfer more easily.

I’m sure this is a lot to take in, just keep in mind, this is all theoretical. Let me try to put this in a summarized form now that I’ve given you explanations, data, and some visuals for aiding this concept. The reason there is potential paranormal activity, is that when something very negative happens to someone or somewhere, and that negativity collects like energies to it over time, it creates a gravity well in our world. When that well becomes weighted enough, it creates weak points in the veils that separate our world from other worlds (the veiled planes of existence). These weakened areas become what ghost hunters now call paranormal hot spots. The hot spots are doorways that will open when the energy levels fluctuate, so to speak.

I suppose I could have just said that in the beginning, but where would the fun be in that? In all seriousness, I have put a lot of thought and research into this over the years. I have tried to find a legitimate reason for this phenomenon, using science as the basis of explanation. Yes, some of this is pushing beyond the edges of “known” science. Isn’t that how science has gotten as far as it is today though? If we don’t travel past the boundaries of science, how will we ever make a point factual from the theory? How can we ever expect to discover new things, new theories, if we never take off the blinders?

I believe there are things out there that go bump in the night. Sometimes, it can be just the foundation of your house settling or a family pet knocking something over in the middle of the night. Sometimes however, it can be the echo of someone’s energy blinking into our plane of existence from one of those other realms. Energy doesn’t fizzle out or dissipate, it simply transfers or transforms. Maybe life after death is possible, and maybe that life we live after death is a heavenly place. Not a physical place up in earth’s sky somewhere, but on a spiritual plane of existence that overlaps our world.

Thank you again, for joining me here on the unraveling mind. I hope you enjoyed my perspective on this topic. If you would like to read more blogs like this one, including going deeper into the explanations of my theories on the paranormal, please leave a comment below. I’ve have put so much thought into this topic, that I am writing a fictional horror book on it. Stay tuned for announcements on that and more! Stay strange everyone!

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