Because Science: Resurrecting Interest

            Science these days, seems like a dying subject of discussion. Most kids don’t really care about all the cool, interesting science studies that explain and make up the world we know, as well as the universe. I blame this on what I have dubbed, “Techno-Tunnel Vision” (yes, I’m sure there are about 5-10 Techno or EDM songs of the same title; no, it’s not about the music). Unless it’s a video game, a new app, or the next trend on the usual social media platforms, the younger generation doesn’t really show interest. This lack of care disturbs me, as I want my children and others to have the same enthusiasm, the same passion I felt then and now, for all things science. I grew up with Mr. Wizard and Bill Nye the science guy ( I know I’m dating myself; hush!), and I feel like if there were something more “hip,” it could bring new found joy to the next generation. For me, Because Science brings that hip new spark of life back into the realm of science and sometimes, shows how fantasy and science fiction could be plausible as science fact. That spark is just what most kids need to become aware of the awesome world around them. The host of Because Science, Kyle Hill, is just the kind of nerd we need to fuel said spark.

            Kyle Hill is a well-known science communicator, Science Editor, and an all-around awesome guy. Why is he awesome you say? He has already earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil & Environmental Engineering, a Master of Arts in Science Communication, and can probably stomp most of you avid fans in Magic: The Gathering. Not only that, but he also shares a passion for the growing comic universe, he’s big into video gaming, but still finds time to put into his other passions like rock climbing, every week! Kyle has accomplished a lot at the ripe young age of 30, like hosting “Mythbusters: The Search” but bigger still, is the amount of time and research he spends as the science editor of and the host of Because Science on Youtube.

            So, I’m sure most of you are still wondering; what makes Because Science so great? Well I don’t know, have you ever wanted to know how to fight a Velociraptor and win? Are you curious as to what kind of symbiote Marvel’s Venom is? Or How Spiderman’s Spidey sense works? These few topics and much, much more are broken down every week. Every topic he discusses uses all the science and Mathematics we have available to relate to fictional, extinct, hypothetical, or mythical circumstances. What makes it more interesting, is that Kyle does the show while standing behind a large pane of clear glass with a black backdrop, and uses neon dry-erase markers to show us calculations or diagrams for a more in depth understanding of the science behind the topic. There are special effects used on the show, including animation of environments and characters in the neon dry erase colors, warping and color effects on Kyle, and high-quality sound effects (including funny accents that Kyle himself portrays).

As if that wasn’t enough, there are two other Because Science sub-shows that air weekly as well. These are aptly named Because Science: Footnotes and Because Science: Live! Footnotes Is a reflective breakdown down of the previous Because Science show where Kyle goes over some of the nerdiest comments left on that video and gives you some hints to the next show’s topic. This is also where any additional information might be briefly discussed that he omitted elaboration on in the original video (due to time constraints or unimportant to the specific topic) and points out any comments that may have found mistakes he made (Hey, Kyle is human too…mostly). Because Science: Live is a cool show that is, obviously, live-streamed on Youtube. Here, Kyle is thrown multiple questions from the live viewers and attempts to answer them to the best of his ability. This show, like the original Because Science, is done with the glass pane and black backdrop, while Kyle writes out data or diagrams with his neon dry-erase markers. Oh, and by the way, did I mention that he does this with both hands AND backwards?!

With all this said, Kyle is the perfect person to help reinvigorate the spark of science in our society that it desperately needs. Whether you are part of the younger generation or not, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy his fresh perspective on science, his witty humor and play on words, or his ability to out geek you. He will help you to find the secret science behind all your favorite Fandom and pop culture ideas out there (No really, he will… He said so). So, go check out Kyle Hill and Because Science on all the social media venues. Links are down below. You won’t be disappointed, but if you are, quit be so grumpy and boring! Lighten up you feeble human!

Social Links:

Disclaimer: Most of the information contained herein is derived from my own observations and is of my own opinion. Links below are the sources cited for some of the background information.

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