Bear with me….

Of course, as soon as I post a blog on my plans for the future life has to go and throw a curve ball. Please have some patience as I take care of some things in my work and personal life. I will be back on a couple of weeks. Stay strange until then!

Announcements for Future Endeavors

Welcome back everyone! Sorry, but no special blog topic this time. Today I wanted to focus on sharing my plans for the future with you. As most of you have probably noticed, I upload two posts weekly, every Monday and Thursday night (between 6pm – 9pm west coast time). On May 1st, it will be one month since the initial launch and I want to continue pushing on to bigger and better for everyone out there that enjoys my thoughts, ideas, and/or opinion and take on things floating around in our little universe. So, in the coming weeks, I will be launching a YouTube channel and start weekly posts there. I hope that you will join me there as well, but don’t worry. I will still be uploading blogs on here for a while, plus other announcements will be shared through anyone following me here too. I will, however, be dropping back my weekly post to one a week, once I start posting vlogs regularly.

            I hope that you will join me and follow along on both of these paths. There may be things I talk about that may be posted exclusively on here and other topics that I may discuss on both sites but go more in depth on the YouTube channel. I do have to try to give myself a little free time here and there. For one thing, my six kids do enjoy my company every once and a while, and my wife is tolerant to a little bit of “Queen” time. For another, I have another BIG project I have been working on for a while that is in dire need of a revamp and wrap up. All I can tell you right now, is that it is going to be something epic, and a journey into knowing more of the unknown that makes up the inner machinations of my mind.            

Lastly, if you have any suggestions for future topics you may to see brought up here, please comment below (and please keep it PG). If you like to read more on the paranormal, I have plans for doing a part three, and possibly part four of “A Haunting We Will Go” that I did a couple weeks ago. Until then, stay tuned, stay in touch, and stay strange everyone!

My Top Minecraft YouTubers to Follow

YouTube; that largest library of videos in the world! The second highest visited Website on the internet as of 2018. YouTube has an over 30 million visits every day. On this website, you have the ability to upload practically ANY video you want to after creating an account. Those videos can range from how to take apart your laptop for repairs, funny compilation videos of pets, and even Minecraft! Yes, I said Minecraft. If you don’t know what Minecraft is (you sad, sad person), and missed out on my last post about Minecraft (*Sigh*), allow me to give you a quick rundown. Minecraft is a 10-year-old video game, that is a completely open world environment that is made entirely of a blocky format. You can play survival where you start with nothing and you have to mine everything to build what you want and unlock achievements. You can also play creative, where you are given an unlimited supply of every block in the game, and you can build anything you want. They have made tons of updates to the game over the years, constantly adding new types of blocks, animals, biomes, as well as skins for you character and texture packs to change how the world looks.

So, if you didn’t before, you now know what Minecraft and YouTube are all about. When you put these two things together, you get all kinds of cool videos available to you. You can watch how-to videos on building castles, creating redstone contraptions, making mob farms, and XP grinders. You can also watch other players, or groups of players build their communities on Minecraft servers and see what crazy kinds of concoctions they make together. Lastly, you can check out some of the crazy build competitions they host online, as well as some of the enormous creations and Minecraft replicas people come up with. With that being said, here is my list of some of the best YouTubers of Minecraft out there, Including Honorable Mentions at the end:

  1. DanTDM (British YouTube Personality) – Dan Has Been uploading videos of him playing games for several years now. When He first started out, it was just DanTDM and Dr. Trayaurus (if you want to know, you have to watch; sorry) on his various Minecraft worlds. What I really enjoyed with these videos, is the amount of thought and imagination DanTDM put into all the videos. I loved watching these videos with all 5 of my kids (and now you now why I have an “unraveled mind”). Especially for the simple fact that I could watch every DanTDM video with them, as Dan keeps it totally PG! Nowadays, Dan plays a lot of other types of games on the PC. It’s still fun to watch him play, and it’s safe for the little eyes and ears.  Even though he doesn’t play Minecraft much anymore, you can still catch all his older Minecraft videos on his YouTube channel.
  • Mumbo Jumbo (British YouTube Personality) – Mumbo is another YouTuber from the United Kingdom, that has been uploading for several years now. All of Mumbo’s videos are Minecraft based. I first started watching Mumbo when I was looking for a how-to video on making a four by four piston door. My three boys and I got hooked on his channels a couple years ago. What I like about Mumbo’s channel, is that he usually sticks to a schedule throughout the week. Normally, Mumbo uploads about 4 videos a week; two are either how-to redstone builds or silly contraption ideas from viewers, and two are videos of projects that Mumbo does on the Hermitcraft server online with a group of friends. This is another YouTuber that Keeps all his recording very clean; no bad language, or distasteful talk at all.
  • Cubfan135 (American YouTube Personality) – Cubfan Is a Youtuber from the United States that has been uploading Minecraft videos for quite some time. He has done some video series on other games in the past, but the last few years, he has been a dedicated Minecraft extraordinaire. Cubfan is also a member of the Hermitcraft server Like Mumbo. Like Mumbo, Cubfan uploads several videos a week, most of them are on the Hermitcraft server, but some of the videos are what he calls snapshots. These are snippets of the soon to release updates where he shows you some of the things that will be added to Minecraft. Any other remaining videos are left to his interesting tutorials. My favorite thing about Cubfan, is how he puts his imagination to use to create some really cool automated farms, as well as some of the mini games he has created. The best one so far, has got to be trident golf! I wish that the Xbox bedrock version of Minecraft had the same options as the java version, so I could play a course of my own with the kids!
  • GoodTimesWithScar (American YouTube Personality) – Scar (for short) is a YouTuber from the United States. He has been doing Minecraft videos for at least 6 years and is a dedicated Minecrafter! He has done a few other series, but His videos on Minecraft are surely the favorites in my family. Like a few others on this list, Scar is a member of the Hermitcraft server too. Actually, he and Cubfan are owner and proprietors of ConCorp on the Hermitcraft server (you’d have to watch the videos for the entertaining explanations). Scar is absolutely awesome at capturing nature to the extreme in Minecraft. My favorite thing about Scar is his dedication and perseverance. He was Diagnosed with some rare type of neuromuscular disease at the age of sixteen. Even though there at times where Scar is forced to leave us for a little while due to his illness, he doesn’t let it keep him down or define who he is. Scar always tries to stay in contact with his fans. Also, like every other person that is on this list, he is very family friendly (that’s something that is very important to me). Go check out some of his videos, and you may just become scarred for life!
  • Familycraft Dad (American YouTube Personality) – FCD (for short) is another YouTuber from the United States. FCD may not have been putting his Minecraft on Youtube for near as long as some of the others on this list, but you can tell by his builds, that he is certainly no beginner! FCD has a lot of good imagination that he puts to use on some of the servers he has been a part of. I like watching a lot of his videos, but Mysticraft is probably my series. The other aspect of FCD that sets him apart from a lot of others out there, is some of the enormous replicas he does. I think a few of my favorites would be the Hobbit Scene he did, and a dueling Dragons scene. The only gripe I have with FCD, is that he doesn’t upload as consistently as others. I would love to see more of his videos spent on the Mysticraft server working on some of the big projects he started a while ago. I get it though; it’s not easy being a fulltime dad, working fulltime, and trying to dedicate time to your own hobbies.

Honorable Mentions:

            Grian, FalseSymmetry, Iskall85, Unspeakable Gaming, Xisumavoid, ZedaphPlays, Kysaeri Gaming, Rendog, ImpulseSV, Stampylonghead, docm77, Tango Tek, JoeHillsTSD, ZombieCleo, StressMonster, Ilmango, and Dark Corners to name a few.

            So, there are some of my favorite Minecraft YouTubers that I really enjoy watching with my family. They all family friendly, all great builders, and they offer a lot of how-to videos or tutorials on various aspects of this ever-growing game. This list is not in a rated order, and I would’ve liked to talk about everyone, but I’m sure you don’t want to read a 25,000-word blog on Minecraft Youtubers. Also, I apologize if the list sounded a bit repetitive. I want to try and keep the same format for them all in presenting the information to you. I hope you enjoyed this article. Until next time, stay strange!

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Minecraft: Breaking Blocks to Build Worlds

            You would have to have been living under a rock, as a hermit in the deep dark woods, or shipwrecked far away on a deserted island to not know what Minecraft is. Even if you are much, much older than I am (which is a lot of you; I’m pretty young… just don’t ask my wife, she won’t tell you the truth), you should’ve at least heard your grandkids talking about this game. For those of you not “hip” with the youngsters though, let me fill you in. There are so many great and innovative games out there these days, it can be quite difficult to make any single choice. Of all the different genres of games, what sets Minecraft apart is its simplicity in design and its complexity in choices. That’s just at the base of things you are missing out on if you haven’t played this game yet.

            So, the basic question; what is Minecraft? Well, Minecraft is an entirely block based open world environment that you play in. There are three primary ways to play; survival mode, creative mode, and mini games. In survival, you start out with nothing more than the shirt on your back. Your mission is simple; survive. You have to “mine” for materials like wood and stone to “craft” tools and other supplies to upgrade yourself from surviving to striving. Look out though, as there are a lot of different monsters that spawn mostly at night or in caves called “mobs”.  It takes time, but with time and grinding on your new mining skills, you’ll earn experience that you can use to upgrade your tools with enchantments, and also to repair tools. You can go on ANY incredible adventure in the game you want to. Tour a woodland mansion, raid tons of villages, loot pyramids, go to the nether (a sort of hell like underworld), or explore underwater guardian temples. Don’t worry, there is an end to the game, quite literally. To finish the game, you must find the “End Portal,” travel to the End, and destroy all the Ender Crystals so you can slay the Ender Dragon. Sounds simple enough right? Okay, you go ahead, have fun with that.

Mini Games

That’s survival mode in a nutshell, and the creative and mini games are a lot simpler to explain. To start with, mini games are server-based games that you can play with friends online or locally (you can play survival and creative multiplayer too, but these are specifically designed worlds that you play with certain rules). There are a lot of different mini games available on the PC Java version, but for the consoles, there are just three primarily. The mini games are a fun way to break up the monotony of the featured versions of the game. Don’t get me wrong, Minecraft survival and creative modes are great, but sometimes you just need to take a break from hours of cave mining or lumber chopping when you’re working on those big projects. Creative is probably my favorite game type of all though.

In creative mode, you can, well create! Unlike survival mode, where you HAVE to mine and/or craft the blocks you need or want, you are given full access to every single block in Minecraft. That access has no limits either as you have infinite blocks. The same can be said about the mode in general; the only limits to your building is your own imagination. You can make ANYTHING you can possibly dream up. I‘ve seen a mockup of the Millennium Falcon, The Hobbit, even Hogwarts Castle! They even have build competitions online for doing builds within a certain block count space, a certain time frame, and sometimes with only certain blocks. There are so many different things you can do with this game, which is what makes it so complex even though it is of a simple design. Check out a couple examples of builds below.

So, how popular do you think Minecraft is? Well, this game was created and launched in 2009 for the PC, and by 2012 they launched the Minecraft Xbox 360 edition. Within the first 5 days on the Xbox 360, over 1 million copies were sold. By 2016, there was over 100 million in sales across all platforms, and over 144 million paid account registered on the game. Even back in 2015, Minecraft was entered into the Guinness book of World records for hosting the largest convention for a single videogame at the London Excel Centre. Minecraft continues to gain popularity with people young and old. Nowadays, you can’t turn a corner in any store without seeing some type of Minecraft merchandise, the biggest sellers being the Lego Minecraft builds. I’m surprised General mills hasn’t made a Minecraft cereal yet(Disclaimer: Let it be known that here on this day, I am held solely responsible for you eating “dirt” and “stone” oats, with marshmallow Ores of diamonds, emeralds, redstone, and lapis lazuli, and it’s topped off with a little creeper or zombie collectibles in the box… You’re welcome internet)!

            If you haven’t picked up what I’m laying down yet, Minecraft is awesome! There are so many things you can do, especially with the limitless creative mode. This game is fun for all ages (Seriously, I’m pretty sure my boys started playing when they were about 3-4 years old), so there’s no excuse not to check it out. For the younger generations, they even have an Education Edition of Minecraft specifically to engage children with mathematics, problem solving, and design scheming. I can’t begin to describe the different number of things you can do with this game! Well, I kind of just did, but I mean more so unto what I’ve already described. Let me put it this way: Minecraft is like those books we used to read back in the day where you could choose your own adventure. Except with Minecraft, you don’t have to bookmark the previous page you were own, just in case you chose wrong and died!

            So, there is your rundown of one of the greatest videogames on Earth. A game that has gained so much popularity, it will most likely surpass Tetris as the best-selling game of all time. Not bad for being only 10 years old. A game so adaptable there have been countless “mods” created to play on the PC, not to mention all the different player skins and texture packs you can purchase. All YOU have to do is Choose; Single or Multiplayer? Survival or Creative? PC or Console? Whatever your choice is, hurry up and go get a copy today! Then you’ll see what the block craze is all about. If you want to read more about the history of Minecraft, check the links in the references below. If you are planning on starting up a world of Minecraft on your own, leave me a comment and check out the next blog later this week where I will discuss some of the best You Tube Minecraft channels to follow. Until then, stay strange everyone!

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A Haunting We Will Go (Part II)

Thank you for joining me on this continued journey into the strange and paranormal. In the last post, I left you with these questions: what makes the paranormal possible? Why are there houses that seem to be haunted? Why do some people just seem to attract the paranormal around them? My theory on this, is that like energies are attracted to like energies. I know that’s not the most straight forward response you may have been expecting, so please allow me to break this down for a better understanding.

Fig A. Example of Gravity Wells

I will have to get a bit nerdy on you here, but I’m not going to dive too deep into the field of quantum physics or bore you to death with the law of attraction, so don’t worry (This is the unraveling mind, not the melting mind, or the blowing mind up). The basics with the law of attraction is that positive energy is attracted to positive energy and likewise for negative energy to negative energy. Now think of a collection of those energies, that over time, builds up enough to create a gravity well on a plane of existence (See Fig. A below).  For the sake of my theory, let’s say that the larger well is a well of negative energy, and the smaller well to the left is a collection of positive energy. Okay one last thing; the law of the conservation of energy. The principle of this law is that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but only transformed or transferred from one form to another.

                I know I’m throwing a lot out here, please bear with me. It is important to have a good understanding of what these things are, for me to properly explain my theory about paranormal activity. Back to the topic of energies. We humans are made up of energy. As the law of conservation states, energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred or transformed, so it stands to reason that when we die (the physical body anyways), our energy is transferred to another plane of existence or transformed into another form of energy. If our energy does transfer to another plane, what is to say that our collective energy isn’t the shell of what we were in this plane that earth exists in? That this shell of energy is our soul that has gained ascension through transference to another plane of existence (yes, your mind is now officially unraveled).

Fig. B.

                In Theory, there are other planes of existence that occupy the same space around us, so it could be possible for energies to transfer from one plane to another. As an example, look at how these layers of paper (see Fig. B) can occupy the same space, but are also still three separate pieces of paper at the same time. Taking it one step further, lets imagine that the top sheet is the plane of earth, the middle sheet is the spirit plane, and the bottom is the void plane, or what we know as hell (this is purely for the purpose of painting the perfect picture in your head). I refer to this as the “Veiled Planes of Existence,” and these planes can exist completely separate from one another, but still have effects and interactions with each other in the right conditions.

This is all hypothetical of course, but there have been tons of research and studies done to substantiate these sound theories. Check out some of the links in the references below for more information. Now, let me circle back to the gravity wells. Imagine once more, that the top layer of paper in Fig. B (The Earth plane) is also the plane in Fig. A with the gravity wells. Remember, the larger well is a collection of negative energy, while the smaller one is a collection of positive energy. Let’s pretend that Fig. A is a snapshot of an actual place on earth; a city for example. At the center point of both the gravity wells, are two different buildings. Suppose that there’s a church at the positive well and several miles away, an old dilapidated house at the center of the negative well. Still with me?

The last part of the puzzle is the reason there are distinctive gravity wells at the church and the house. The house in this hypothetical scenario, is now run down and abandoned. However, many years ago, an imaginary family lived there. The father suffered from mental illness, killed his wife, all three children, and then himself one night. This horrible catastrophe became the catalyst for the collection of negative energy. Some years later, a man kidnapped a woman, brought her to this house where he happened to be squatting, and raped her. A couple years after that, some drug addicts were hanging out at the house one night, when a girl in the group died from an over dose. After a brief history of the house, we are now back to the present time where there is an immense negative gravity well. It is unseen to the eye, only a person hypersensitive to energy fields would know its there. However, someone like you or me, would still have “feelings”. That nervous feeling you get sometimes, like your being watched or stalked. The feeling you get when it seems like your gut drops and the hair on your neck stands up. If you visited this house now, you may hear things moving around or whispers in the air. You might see shadows, or full-bodied apparitions. If you particularly unlucky, you may be touched by something you can’t see, or at the very worst, your energy could become spiritually overtaken (possessed).

The reason these things are possible is due to the gravity well of negative energy. Again, remember that for this hypothetical scenario, I asked you to combine the two pictures above. The 3 layers of paper, with the top piece representing our gravity wells. Think of the depth of weight from that gravity. You can’t see it physically, but it still has an effect of the plane. Now, think of the middle piece of paper (the spiritual plane). The gravity well on the top plane is now affecting the other planes. This weight of negative energy would become so great, that it would stretch and thin the veils the separate the planes. This weakened location becomes the point of access for energies to transfer more easily.

I’m sure this is a lot to take in, just keep in mind, this is all theoretical. Let me try to put this in a summarized form now that I’ve given you explanations, data, and some visuals for aiding this concept. The reason there is potential paranormal activity, is that when something very negative happens to someone or somewhere, and that negativity collects like energies to it over time, it creates a gravity well in our world. When that well becomes weighted enough, it creates weak points in the veils that separate our world from other worlds (the veiled planes of existence). These weakened areas become what ghost hunters now call paranormal hot spots. The hot spots are doorways that will open when the energy levels fluctuate, so to speak.

I suppose I could have just said that in the beginning, but where would the fun be in that? In all seriousness, I have put a lot of thought and research into this over the years. I have tried to find a legitimate reason for this phenomenon, using science as the basis of explanation. Yes, some of this is pushing beyond the edges of “known” science. Isn’t that how science has gotten as far as it is today though? If we don’t travel past the boundaries of science, how will we ever make a point factual from the theory? How can we ever expect to discover new things, new theories, if we never take off the blinders?

I believe there are things out there that go bump in the night. Sometimes, it can be just the foundation of your house settling or a family pet knocking something over in the middle of the night. Sometimes however, it can be the echo of someone’s energy blinking into our plane of existence from one of those other realms. Energy doesn’t fizzle out or dissipate, it simply transfers or transforms. Maybe life after death is possible, and maybe that life we live after death is a heavenly place. Not a physical place up in earth’s sky somewhere, but on a spiritual plane of existence that overlaps our world.

Thank you again, for joining me here on the unraveling mind. I hope you enjoyed my perspective on this topic. If you would like to read more blogs like this one, including going deeper into the explanations of my theories on the paranormal, please leave a comment below. I’ve have put so much thought into this topic, that I am writing a fictional horror book on it. Stay tuned for announcements on that and more! Stay strange everyone!

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A Haunting We Will Go (Part I)

                You’re home alone; it’s late into the night. You decided early on that you were going to watch this crazy scary movie that everyone has been talking about. The credits start rolling as you ponder instant feelings of regret in this choice. You press the stop button and pop out the disc to return it to its box. As you are about to turn off all the living room electronics to prepare for bed, you hear slight rattling noise from down the long, dark hallway. You step up to the edge of darkness, with only the dim glow of the TV lighting the beginning of the hall. There is no longer a noise, but then you think you see the movement of black shadows in this void that is your home as you stare down this now ever-growing black hole! Your heart races, and you quickly turn your eyes to the light switch, lunging forward at it to brighten your view before something lunges at you. As your eyes adjust from the blindness, you see… nothing. After taking a few more steps, you realize there was nothing in the hallway at all. If something was physically there, it had nowhere to go without your knowing. All the other doors in the hall are closed tight, and not once did you hear a door open or close.

Satisfied that you simply had a momentary lapse of reason, you turn around to continue prepping for bed. You are halfway back to where you left the remotes on the couch, when you here another rattle, then a loud, Cl-Clack!! You jump what feels like 4 feet in the air and spin around so fast, you almost fall into the wall. There, lying on the floor, is a now broken frame containing the picture of a relative, no longer living. As you feel the blood drain away from your face, another rattling noise causes you to almost break your own neck, as you snap your gaze to see another picture frame wobble on the wall! Then, you witness the click-click-click of the knobs on every door in the hallway being jiggled. This is the point at which you urinate in your favorite pair of pajamas, and high tail it to your bedroom, citing every prayer you can pull from the memory banks! The next thing you know, it is the following morning, you find yourself lying on the floor of your master bathroom, curled up with a bath towel as a blanket (and damp, smelly pajamas).

                Trust me when I tell you, that sometimes, things DO go bump in the night and it’s not always the house settling or a family pet stirring. So, what would you do if this scenario happened to you? Have you ever been in a situation like this before (possibly minus the urination part; I won’t judge you… too much)? With so many intense horror films, improvements of video and audio technology, and all the paranormal type documentaries and reality shows on TV these days, it’s no wonder that people are noticing more and having a greater imagination to scope it as well. Maybe you’re a believer, maybe you’re not.

Paranormal research has been an increasingly popular field over the last few decades and has come a long way since the pioneering days of the Ed & Loraine Warren (Which, if you are a horror film fanatic, you have undoubtedly seen some of their real life experiences on the big screen, like the conjuring films, and the creepy little Anabelle doll or “A Haunting” documentary shows).  As I mentioned before, the improvement of technology has helped to capture a lot of credible evidence. The digital age has been kind to all the paranormal hunters out there, not that some good old analog tech doesn’t still do the trick. So, you may be wondering, what is the deal with paranormal activity. Is this stuff for real? In my opinion, yes.

 Don’t get me wrong, I think there is a lot, and I do mean a lot, of content out there that is seriously faked. There are even some researchers out there that embellish the hell out information or put on the “act” of occurrences like demonic possession, malevolent spirits, or poltergeists, just for ratings and publicity; It’s sad. On the other hand, there are those that honestly want to portray all the facts and evidence without biased opinions, so that the truth may speak for itself. Though, the fake filmed fiasco may out-weigh the true ones 10 to 1, it is there for you to find, if you’re willing to put in the patience and are a believer in the paranormal.

I myself, may have a bit of a biased opinion on the matter, being that I don’t stand directly in the middle of these argumentative sides, but I do have good reasons for my position. Over the years, I have had several “paranormal experiences” that have convinced me of the possibility. I can say that the number of my experiences can most likely be attributed to moving around a lot growing up. I won’t bore you with most of the minor incidents involving whispers, objects being moved, or the occasional movement of shadows out the corner of the eye. Instead, I’d like to share a short story with you that was for me, more direct evidence of the paranormal:

I remember moving to Indiana with my family only blocks away from Purdue University campus during the summer of 1995. At the time, I was 15 and I shared a room with my brother, whose was 17. After our family got settled into this nice ranch style home just up from the levee, my brother and I would stay up late. During the night, we would shoot the breeze, play video games, and occasionally get into mischievous acts of, well I’m sure you can use your imagination. Now, we have 3 sisters (all younger) that occupied two of the other 4 bedrooms. My brother and I had a bedroom by the front door of the house, our sisters had the two bedrooms in the middle, and our parents had the bedroom by the garage and driveway. Other than the seven in our family, we had a cat named Boots.

During our late-night meanderings, my brother and I would hear what sounded like an animal stirring, or a cat meowing like it was in heat or distress. At first, we thought it was just Boots. One night it was loud enough that we thought Boots was trapped in some boxes that hadn’t been unpacked yet or in some new cubby. So, we’re sneaking around the house, trying not to wake our parents who had to work the next morning (remember, it was summer, so no school), on the hunt for Boots. After searching around we finally found her, but shockingly, she was sleeping on the couch in the living room. As we are stare at her with a puzzling look, she glances up at us, but then turns her head to the hallway, and the three of us hear the meowing start up again. The next day, after my dad got back from work, my brother and I told him what happened. He said maybe a stray cat was stuck in the crawlspace under the house, and we would check it out on the weekend.

The following Saturday, my dad and I (my brother was at work) went to the back of the house to inspect. The entrance cover to the crawlspace was a nicely crafted wood frame the was painted to match the house. All the metal mesh screen material was intact, and the cover was firmly in place, leaving no way for anything to get in or out of the crawlspace. My dad took the cover off and grabbed a large spotlight. This is when I found that when my dad said WE were going to check it out, he meant I was going to squeeze my scrawny butt into the crawlspace while he watched the hole.

I get into the crawlspace, and start crawling forward on my belly, army style. This was the first time I had ever been underneath any house before, but as an adult now, I have had a number of jobs that have required me to go in a lot of attics and crawlspace. In retrospect, this crawlspace had to be the nicest, and the cleanest crawlspace I have EVER seen to date! There was an even layer of rounded gravel everywhere, no signs of any bugs or rodents, and barely any cobwebs. In the middle area, there were several square cinder block structures that were supporting the weight of the center of the house (remember this was a ranch style house, so it had a long rectangular shape to it)

I gave my eyes a minute to adjust the darkness (the only light was from the spotlight, and the entrance I just crawled through), and then I start to crawl forward a little bit. My dad asks me if I see anything yet, to which I reply no. I crawled a few feet into the space at this point, where I stop so I can scan the area around me with the spotlight. As I am panning from left to right with the light, I see what looked like a gray animal dart from the middle section of cinder blocks heading left to the last section of cinder blocks. I yell to my dad that I saw something, and to watch the hole in case it got around me while crawling towards where it was hiding. As I start making my way over to the last section of blocks, I can see a lump of something gray on the gravel. From a distance, it looked like a large clump of poured concrete, as it looked rounded and smooth.

I make my way around the last section of cinder blocks. I get with a few feet of the blocks, and I am scanning everywhere with the spotlight, but no animal is to be found anywhere. I yell back to my dad if anything tried coming out the hole, to which he says, no. I turn back and go to crawl forward a bit more so I can see behind the backside of the row of cinder block columns. At this point, I am only a couple feet away from the clump of concrete and I look to the right with the spotlight behind the columns, but nothing is there. I turn back to the clump, and then I notice that it has gray fur laying around it. I crawl a bit closer and that’s when I realized that it was the remains of a mummified gray-haired cat.

Somehow, that poor cat had got trapped in the crawlspace a long time ago, and because it was so clean and dry down there, it had no way of getting food or water to survive. I told my dad what I found. He left me there for a minute, then he returned with a black trash bag and a pair of work gloves. I removed the cat remains and crawled back to the entrance. After putting everything back how it was at the entrance, we drove out to a secluded area and buried the cat in the woods. After that day, we never heard a cat howling or heard rustling in the house again.

Now, I know this isn’t the kind of story where I was scared stiff from a ghost cat, but it is not my intention to strike fear into anyone reading this. Rather, I wanted to share what I consider to be irrefutable proof of the paranormal, which I witnessed with my own eyes. Besides, I have had plenty of other situations where I was the proverbial “white as a ghost,” from fear of the unknown and witness to activities that should have been impossible. You may be asking why I don’t share more.  If I did, you’d be stuck here reading for quite some time, as I’d have a lot of details to go over in order to paint the right picture in your mind’s eye.

The real question that you need to ask, is what makes the paranormal possible? Why are there houses that seem to be haunted? Why do some people just seem to attract the paranormal around them? I have a theory on this that I’d like to share with you. For now, I will have to leave you to your own devices and ponder the variations of answers to these questions from your own perspectives. Be sure to catch part 2 coming soon! Until then, stay strange everyone!

Disclaimer: Most of the information contained herein is derived from my own observations and is of my own opinion. Links below are the sources cited for some of the background information.

Information and Pictures Cited:


My Top 10 Video Games of All Time

Okay, you’ve read the title, so you know you’re about to get bombarded with a whole lot of geeked up nerdiness, right? Seriously though, I thought I’d try some a little different for this post. you’d have to be hard to impress to not love at least one game that’s floating out there in the world somewhere. The awesomeness of video games, especially in the 21st century, is something to be marveled at. You have different platforms, different genres, a multitude of graphic styles, several consoles, and all of this is put together in so many combinations to create a new way of interactive storytelling all for your pleasure. Who doesn’t like to be immersed in a great story? There are so many to choose from, it’s hard not to be a gamer fan these days.

            One thing that has driven the game craze exponentially, is the leaps in technological advancements. We have come a long way since the days of the Odyssey, Atari, and Activision over 45 years ago, to the next generation of gaming in 2019. From 8-bit to 4K resolution, and now, you can even throw on a pair goggles with handsets, and virtually log into games. The Future is here my friends! Thanks to the marketing push to create the next best thing, PC’s and consoles alike are constantly neck and neck (and sometimes at each other’s throats) to out do each other. This growth has also been greatly complemented by these advances with better hardware, software, compact designs, near limitless storage, and processing speeds.

            For me to go out and buy one of these awesome games, it needs to have very good innovative design and storytelling. I love to see a great use of imagination, and it applies to all things that interest me in games, movies, and books. Like I stated previously, interactive storytelling to me, is just so compelling. With a good storyline, well-built environments, and relatable characters you’ll basically be controlling a playable movie. Now with innovative design, this is something that grabs my attention, like a flag blowing in the breeze that makes a game stand out from the others. There is so much packed into video games these days that makes them so intriguing. User adaptability and the option to have all these add-ons and downloadable content really drive these creations to the edge.

            So, how do I compile a list of my ten favorite games, with all these things to take into consideration? Well, it’s certainly not easy to narrow it down to just ten, let me tell you! I will have to list a few noteworthy, or “honorable mentions,” at the end, that’s for sure. I have eliminated pretty much any sports videos games though, so I apologize if you’re a sports game fanatic. I have nothing against them and enjoy playing them, but like I mentioned previously, my favorite games have a story to tell me. Also, my list is limited to the 80’s and forward (PC, Nintendo, Playstation, Sega, and Xbox games).  If I still have your attention, here are my top 10 video games of all time!

  1. Doom (Original version, PC)- I still remember the day I was at the Marine Exchange store in Norfolk, VA., getting a haircut. Afterwards, I was browsing around in the music and computer area. I was flipping through some floppy disc game demos (If you don’t know what I am talking about, ask your dad or mom), and came across a game from ID software that said Doom: Episode I. Well, it certainly wouldn’t be on the list if I didn’t spend the rest of my allowance on it. I brought this bad boy home, showed it to my dad and brother, and we were hooked. For me, this was that pivotal game that really started the drive to what we have now in the first-person shooter genre. The graphics were solid for the times, the sound effects were cool, but then you had all the secret stuff hidden in each level. I can’t tell you how many times me and my brother stayed up on the weekends replaying each level to get all the secrets and the best time. And then they came out with an extra episode a year later, and with it, we got “the cheat codes”.
  2. Super Mario World (Super Nintendo)- Come on now, what kind of kid from the 80’s would I be if I didn’t have this game on here. Great animation, a hero driven story to save the princess… again, and you get to ride a little dinosaur! To top it off, you have all these different themed worlds within the game world, with a mini boss fight in each one. One of these years, Princess Peach is going to invest in some pepper spray or defense classes to prevent this from happening again.
  3. Sonic The Hedgehog (Sega Genesis)- This is another side scrolling game like Super Mario world, but it is so unique with its character and design concepts. With the Evil Dr. Robotnik trying to take over the world Sonic lives in, you are off zooming around to collect all the rings you can and beat all the baddies. Trying to find all the hidden TV’s that give you extra coins, shield, or the shoes that give you super speed could be a challenge. This game had replay value set high when I was a kid, always trying to beat the zone’s best times and find other hidden paths built into each zone you cleared.
  4. Final Fantasy VII (Playstation 2)- alright, so before this game came out, I was never a huge fan of the role-playing game types. I had a friend that would play this, and after he beat it, he let me borrow the game and the walkthrough. I thought I was too cool for the walkthrough book. Needless to say, I was proven wrong rather quickly. This was the first game that I play with had so much depth to the story. After getting my butt whooped numerous times, I finally got accustomed to the turn style play and how to utilize my team’s strengths in the fights. Pretty soon I was staying up well past midnight trying to level up my characters more, so I could beat the game. I loved how the background was built for all the different characters; you really felt like you were the main character, Cloud. Then tragedy hit, the boss Sephiroth kills Aeris! Okay, so I’m not even going to lie; first time I cried a little over a video game. I made sure to put the beatdown on Sephiroth in the end for that one!
  5. Gears of War Franchise (Xbox 360 – Xbox One)- I can’t even begin to describe my love for these games. I stood at a midnight release outside of Game Stop for at least three out of five of the Gears games with my brother, and for me it was well worth it. The story behind these games runs deep… Like underground-Locust hive deep. The way the backstory was built up in this world at war with itself and its inhabitants, is like a battle driven military conspiracy soap opera for guys (and girls) that involves not so alien, aliens. This was one of the first, third person shooters that keep me and my friends up all night with the different multiplayer modes to wreck “noobs” on. I’m pretty sure my wife has a picture of me playing online in my game chair while I was cradling our first-born baby boy, and I was holding a bottle in his mouth with my chin. Yeah, that’s daddy-gamer dedication right there folks. How could I not be completely enthralled with the expansive and dilapidated environments, incredible game mechanics and A.I. combatting, and the colorfully witty smart mouthed COG soldiers of Delta Squad?
  6. Myst (PC) – Okay, So I don’t remember all the details to the storyline of this game, but it made to my list for the groundbreaking game design and interactive puzzle games to solve. I must admit too; this game was quite beautiful for coming out on PC sometime in 1994. What I do remember, is that you had two brothers who were trapped in books and blamed each other for the father dying, and the father made all the books that you can use to travel to Myst, and the other areas in the game. The game was a conundrum of sorts, as it was so simple in design, sophisticated in its interactivity, and complex with its puzzles and riddles to solve.
  7. Minecraft (All Platforms)- I’ve been hooked on this game since 2013; a little over a year after it was released on the Xbox 360. At first, I thought survival mode was dumb, as I didn’t appreciate the time it took to gather resources to build what I wanted. So, a good bit of my first few years was simply in creative mode, because obviously, I like to think I’m creative. I’ve built crazy huge castles, mountain sized statue replicas from the Lord of the Rings movie, and multiplayer mini games I love to play with my kids. Here lately, I have finally slowed down a bit, so to enjoy the finer things in Minecraft; exploring, resource gathering, and unlocking achievements. Watching the updates for this game create a more and more beautifully blocky world, with growing environment adaptations, adding new block patterns & shapes, and giving the players a variety of skin and texture packs has been just awesome! I don’t see this game slowing down anytime soon either. There are tons of different merchandise out there, and too many youtubers uploading and live streaming their own gameplay and experiences with friends for viewers to join! Minecraft is set in stone on my list of favorites for a long time. The creativity that you experience in the game is literally of your own design (your builds, not the game itself)!
  8. The Last of US (PS3, PS4)- This game is like a conglomeration of my favorite things all in one great package; horror style, shooter style, and movie style gameplay. Look, I warned you all at the beginning that I’m big on story and creativity, and this game is bursting at the seems with both. Following Joel and Ellie on their journey through the apocalyptic ruins and infected humans was certainly a roller coaster ride, to say the least. The growth and bond that you see these two characters go through is both heart warming and tear jerking. I really thought it was going to be a crappy ending there for a short time (and if I’m spoiling the game for you, it’s well deserved! You should’ve played this game by now you bum!). I don’t scare too easy, as I’ve numbed myself with years of watching all types of horror movies, but there were definitely a few good startles the had me on the edge of the couch. Especially in those areas where you had to sneak past the heavy infected areas. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t experienced this masterpiece yet, do yourself a favor and dive into this one. The sequel is set to release later this year.
  9. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (all platforms)- I didn’t get to play this game when it originally came out, but I remember my brother talking about it all the time. I finally picked the up the special edition they released for the Xbox One. The universe that has been created in the amazing fantasy world within the elder scrolls is layer upon layer of scary medieval style genius. The menu game mechanics with all the different tracking and upgrading options was a cool feature and I also liked that there was a large variety of gear, jewelry, and weapons that could add to your attributes. Plus, what is cooler than being a dragonborn? A human born with the soul of a dragon! You could get lost in the beautiful landscape drudging through hundreds of hours of gameplay trying to complete al the side quests on this winner!
  10. Horizon Zero Dawn (PS3, PS4)- Honestly, I’m running a bit low on adjectives, so if I sound like a broken record, I apologize. With that said, you need to seriously play this game if you haven’t already. You can’t compare this to anything else out there really, it’s just too unique of a game. The backstory in this game is something that you could almost see happening in our own future the way it is told and presented to you as more details of the past is uncovered with the quest you take Aloy on. This girl has it rough growing up and is one tough cookie for this hardened world overrun by machines. The compelling journey you take Aloy on locks you into your seat as you explore all the diverse wilds in this massive open world. I cannot wait until a sequel comes out!

Honorable Mentions that didn’t make the cut:

            Call of Duty franchise, Battlefield franchise (including the Bad Company campaigns), Wolfenstein (The old school and new), Tomb Raider (Newer versions), Portal, Half-life, Dead Space, F.E.A.R., Far-cry franchise, and Assassin’s Creed Franchise to name a few.            

So, there you have it; my top 10 favorite video games of all time. I hope you may have had the opportunity to play some of these games over the years. If you didn’t, that’s okay too, as a lot of these older games are available as retro downloads now. If you think there are some better games that you’ve played, and I didn’t even mention it, please let me know in the comment section below. Keep in mind though, we all have different likes and dislikes. I Hope you enjoyed getting some vintage throwback games to remind you of your childhood. Now get out there and get to gaming!

How To Succeed in the Work Industry

Are you struggling at your current job? Do you feel like your effort isn’t getting you to go far enough? Are you afraid that you’ve hit a brick wall or a dead end? Well fear no more! I have the solution you looking for, because I’ve been right where you are. Trust me, it sucks as much as you think it does.
One thing that I can assure you though; by the time you finish this article, you’ll have a renewed faith in yourself. I don’t claim to have all the answers. In fact, I’m sure there is a thing or two that you could show me. There is always something new to learn.

What’s great about the working industry and the people in it, is that it’s always evolving. I do know that what I’ve found that has worked for me over the years, will most definitely get you a kick start with your job to drive it into a thriving career. What will determine how far you can take it, is if you’re willing to make the change and effort in the right direction.

In the beginning with my first job, I was like a scared little child, and the work industry was a fresh year of new classes at school. I was trying to listen to the teachers, do the daily assignments I was tasked with, and trying to gain experience to use for myself. In other words, my boss would tell me my daily responsibilities and duties and I would do them to earn some cash. Hey, I’m just learning my way, and I got money burning a hole in my pocket! Fast forward to now, after a lot of ups and downs, relocations, family changes, and job hopping to be a better provider… I feel like a college student being presented with my degree and an academic award. Now I want to go out in the world and make myself known by sharing my recipe for success with you!

Okay, so maybe not the perfect analogy, but I’m sure you get the gist of it. I really do believe that this could be profoundly life changing for your career. At the very least, maybe it’ll help you to be better at what you were already on the path of. If I can at least be that positive reinforcement for you, then mission accomplished! So, sit down, strap in, and hold onto your hats! Here are my top 10 ways to succeed at your job!

1. Learn everything you can about your position. I know it may be a statement of the obvious, but truth be told, most people in their respective work fields just do the bare minimum. They have their list of job duties, and that’s what they stick to. Why? It is a lot more fun to be challenged, to be engaged. Our learning shouldn’t stop at high school or college. If you feel that there is more to what you are doing, go to your boss and ask what else there is to learn with your role in the company. Maybe they offer extensive training for those willing to go the extra step. It could possibly lead to a better position. If nothing else, it will keep you a lot busier and you won’t be staring at that backwards moving clock on the wall.

2. Be the best you that you can be at what you do. Well yeah, that may sound a bit like a motivational slogan, but it is the single most important thing that you have control of. YOU! If you are only mediocre at what you do, do you honestly think it will get you a promotion or a pay raise? If you are bad at what you do, can you really be so surprised or upset when you no longer have a job? Not to mention, you’ll only have yourself to blame. Being the best at what you do isn’t the easiest step here, but it is the most critical step. You have this one thing that you have full control of, and I’m willing to bet that you don’t want to be overlooked, underpaid, or unemployed. So, do everything you can to be the best at your job, in your field, at your company. Even if it seems pointless and monotonous, I assure you, it will get you noticed. And it doesn’t matter if you are just starting out flipping burgers, a machine operator, or in management. Flip those burgers like it’s the best thing in life, run that machine like there’s no tomorrow, and lead that business like you’re top of the fortune 500 class!

3. Be Dependable, not expendable. Sometimes, there will be situations where a company is downsizing, merging, or going out of business. You know what they say; “it” happens. You don’t really have control of the choices made by your company, but you can have control of a decision about you and your career. That is where it’ll pay off by being the best you. You can be very influential in your dependability within your company’s structure, and the best version you present is going to get you further along. Not to mention, a bright star is more noticeable before the Milky Way in the night sky, so no matter how dark things may seem, always shine. Being dependable at your job and working hard can keep you from being expendable and at the bottom of the totem pole.

4. Gain experience by going above and beyond. Now this is kind of an elaboration on number 1, but well worth it. So, if you’ve learned all that is offered in your current position, why stop there? Put yourself out there if extra work is available that you can assist with, or an opportunity to cross train in a different department. Not only will you have another position to add to your experience list, but it allows you to also have options at your company with your gain in versatility. Plus, this is another thing that will help you to be more dependable and the best you. This will turn you into a 1st round pick in the draft when a promotion opportunity becomes available.

5. Know your strengths to defeat your weaknesses. Listen; nobody is perfect. Do you think you are perfect in every aspect and the best at everything you do? Please, allow me to be the first one to knock you off your high horse. You’re welcome; it’s the least I can do for everyone around you. So, don’t sulk that you aren’t a shining ray of perfection. Just know what your strengths are and perfect those. Once you hone your strengths to work for you like a well-oiled machine, only then can you defeat your weaknesses. Not defeat like in the sense of an enemy but defeat by working towards adding them to your list of strengths. What’s the best way to do that? Practice, repetition, and patience with yourself. Sometimes you have to tell yourself to shut up, because sometimes, you can be your own worst enemy.

6. Don’t be a yes man! I’m sure some of you have seen those little figurines you stick on your car dashboard that shakes its head around as your driving down the road, right? Okay, well don’t be that guy (or gal) at work! Seriously! There is nothing wrong with having an opinion that differs from others at work, even if it is your boss. That doesn’t mean that everything needs to be an argument though, as that can go south quick. Being the bobble head at work may look good to some supervisors or managers, but not to the good ones. It doesn’t bode well for you or your company when everyone just bobbles their heads. The managers need good, corrective feedback. The company needs to know the plusses and minuses. Someone needs to know if there is a problem or a solution. You need to show honest and independent thinking, no matter what you do.

7. Be a team player, but still thrive at independence. Versatility will get you going the distance; this I know. When you can work well with others and work efficiently solo, it shows your abilities as a team player. Working with a team can have a long list of pros and cons just as much so as working on your own. There is no easy way to scale and compare in detail, as there are too many variables that change depending on you work field, position, company size, machinery, product, etc. The only thing you need to take away from this is that you need to ensure that you have this ability to switch between solo projects and team projects with the flip of a switch. There is no reason to over-complicate things; this just goes back to knowing your strengths and weaknesses and being the best you. Not to mention, showing your adaptable and a team player, also shows you have the potential to be a leader.

8. Believe in yourself, have confidence, and spread confidence. I’m sure you know at some point I had to throw a phrase in here that sounded like one of those inspirational posters in work offices around the globe. Maybe a picture of a little tree sprout trying to grow underneath the canopy of a huge grandfather oak to bring out the emotions? No? Well one thing that I see defeat a lot of people (including myself a time or two), is a lack of confidence. You can work at everything else I’ve placed before you here and then some, but when you show little to no confidence, or something causes you to lose that confidence, hello brick wall. We all have problems (again, you are NOT perfect), whether in our personal lives or professional. The struggle is real. The trick is to not feed the struggle, but to feed the triumphs. When you focus on things negative, you attract all things negative and it shows on you like bright red check mark. Likewise, for the other ends of the spectrum; when you focus on the positive, you attract positivism, and this will help you to boost and reinforce that confidence. When you have that confidence, you also need to share that confidence with those around you.

9. Be kind to others; always! That confidence that you share is a great kindness to you and to others. Sometimes I still get to feeling down at work; stuck in a rut. Something I do to lift myself up, is to lift others up around me. If you pass a coworker in the hall, is it so much harder to say “hi, how are you today?” over just “hey”? Or if you see someone doing a good job, isn’t it better to tell them they are doing a good job versus just walking by without a word? I think it would do wonders everywhere if we did our best to be decent human beings to each other. Who wants to work with or for a bunch of jerks? Give out compliments at work, and it will most certainly compliment your character. This is something else that shines like a beacon to a company with good management. I’m hoping you’ll do it not for the status gain though, but because it’s the right thing to do.

10. Always look ahead and behind. Now obviously, you can’t look in two opposite directions at the same time, unless you’re my mother (I swear she had eyes hidden under her hair on all sides of her head!). What I mean by this is that, to have a better view of your future ahead, keep an eye on the rear-view mirror of your past. Again, none of us our perfect, we all make mistakes along the road. If we don’t learn from those mistakes, we are going to make them again eventually. This is where it pays to focus on the future ahead of us, by not forgetting we have a past staring at our reflection in the rear-view mirror. As long as you keep a mindful watch on the road before you as well as behind, you’ll always have a good outcome at the end of the trip.

That’s it; really! Now I know it seems like it should be super easy to do. Some of these things you can correct rather quickly, while others may be a work in progress for some time. Like I said in the beginning, it’s all dependent on how much effort you’re willing to put into yourself for yourself. Isn’t that an excellent investment to make though? I mean, I think of myself in comparison to the value of Microsoft or Apple, so I’m worth a lot to me. So, what is the value of your worth to you? Can you make a change small or big enough in your work life to excel yourself to the status of giants? Then your work life will be a fulfilled life, and you’ll enjoy what you do a lot more, both in and outside of work.

On a side note, one thing I would like to mention as a bonus is absolute equality. I bring this up in reference to the kindness of others. I am not better than you, and you are not better than me. We are all different. If you work with me, I can promise you I will never look down on you. I would never treat you poorly because of a difference in education or experience. I would never withhold information from you that would benefit you as a coworker. Most importantly, I would never treat you like I am better than you. This is something that has helped me to excel more than some of these other tips.

So, whether you are working at a fast food joint, operating a machine in the manufacturing field, constructing a building, or managing a business; it doesn’t matter where you are or what you do! You can benefit yourself in any field, if you become the best you, believe in yourself, be kind to others, and work hard. All it takes is a little effort, and a lot of courage to know you can do it. I know you can do it; you got this!

Because Science: Resurrecting Interest

            Science these days, seems like a dying subject of discussion. Most kids don’t really care about all the cool, interesting science studies that explain and make up the world we know, as well as the universe. I blame this on what I have dubbed, “Techno-Tunnel Vision” (yes, I’m sure there are about 5-10 Techno or EDM songs of the same title; no, it’s not about the music). Unless it’s a video game, a new app, or the next trend on the usual social media platforms, the younger generation doesn’t really show interest. This lack of care disturbs me, as I want my children and others to have the same enthusiasm, the same passion I felt then and now, for all things science. I grew up with Mr. Wizard and Bill Nye the science guy ( I know I’m dating myself; hush!), and I feel like if there were something more “hip,” it could bring new found joy to the next generation. For me, Because Science brings that hip new spark of life back into the realm of science and sometimes, shows how fantasy and science fiction could be plausible as science fact. That spark is just what most kids need to become aware of the awesome world around them. The host of Because Science, Kyle Hill, is just the kind of nerd we need to fuel said spark.

            Kyle Hill is a well-known science communicator, Science Editor, and an all-around awesome guy. Why is he awesome you say? He has already earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil & Environmental Engineering, a Master of Arts in Science Communication, and can probably stomp most of you avid fans in Magic: The Gathering. Not only that, but he also shares a passion for the growing comic universe, he’s big into video gaming, but still finds time to put into his other passions like rock climbing, every week! Kyle has accomplished a lot at the ripe young age of 30, like hosting “Mythbusters: The Search” but bigger still, is the amount of time and research he spends as the science editor of and the host of Because Science on Youtube.

            So, I’m sure most of you are still wondering; what makes Because Science so great? Well I don’t know, have you ever wanted to know how to fight a Velociraptor and win? Are you curious as to what kind of symbiote Marvel’s Venom is? Or How Spiderman’s Spidey sense works? These few topics and much, much more are broken down every week. Every topic he discusses uses all the science and Mathematics we have available to relate to fictional, extinct, hypothetical, or mythical circumstances. What makes it more interesting, is that Kyle does the show while standing behind a large pane of clear glass with a black backdrop, and uses neon dry-erase markers to show us calculations or diagrams for a more in depth understanding of the science behind the topic. There are special effects used on the show, including animation of environments and characters in the neon dry erase colors, warping and color effects on Kyle, and high-quality sound effects (including funny accents that Kyle himself portrays).

As if that wasn’t enough, there are two other Because Science sub-shows that air weekly as well. These are aptly named Because Science: Footnotes and Because Science: Live! Footnotes Is a reflective breakdown down of the previous Because Science show where Kyle goes over some of the nerdiest comments left on that video and gives you some hints to the next show’s topic. This is also where any additional information might be briefly discussed that he omitted elaboration on in the original video (due to time constraints or unimportant to the specific topic) and points out any comments that may have found mistakes he made (Hey, Kyle is human too…mostly). Because Science: Live is a cool show that is, obviously, live-streamed on Youtube. Here, Kyle is thrown multiple questions from the live viewers and attempts to answer them to the best of his ability. This show, like the original Because Science, is done with the glass pane and black backdrop, while Kyle writes out data or diagrams with his neon dry-erase markers. Oh, and by the way, did I mention that he does this with both hands AND backwards?!

With all this said, Kyle is the perfect person to help reinvigorate the spark of science in our society that it desperately needs. Whether you are part of the younger generation or not, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy his fresh perspective on science, his witty humor and play on words, or his ability to out geek you. He will help you to find the secret science behind all your favorite Fandom and pop culture ideas out there (No really, he will… He said so). So, go check out Kyle Hill and Because Science on all the social media venues. Links are down below. You won’t be disappointed, but if you are, quit be so grumpy and boring! Lighten up you feeble human!

Social Links:

Disclaimer: Most of the information contained herein is derived from my own observations and is of my own opinion. Links below are the sources cited for some of the background information.


“Everything starts as someone’s daydream” – Larry Niven

            Thanks to all of you for joining me here on this newly founded site! I’ve been working hard to get everything up and running. It’s been a dream to start my own thing in order to share my thoughts, ideas, and imagination to the world. Please feel free to leave feedback by commenting here or contacting us.

I suppose the best way to begin, is to tell you a little about me and what I’m trying to do here. The goal is to enlighten you readers on a new level of thinking, whether by diving into the scary strange unknown, sharing new and unique perspectives on old topics, or opening you to the possibilities of the inconceivably impossible. I would never use the old cliché idiom “blow your mind,” to describe it; that’s too messy. The best method is to unlatch your cranial dome and let it become unraveled at the seams. You can fit a lot more bizarre information in there when all that grey matter is out of the way.

            Now I may get some negative feedback on what I’m about to tell you, but hey, no risk no reward right? I know that all the how to videos and articles out there tell you to have a niche, but where is the fun in being locked into one thing? I personally am not truly passionate about any one topic, but I really enjoy doing a lot of different things. I love to read, write, watch movies, and jam out music. I could talk to you for hours on machinery maintenance, video games, carpentry, and steel fabrication. In the long run, I want to share things with you that have mattered to me, that have brought me a sense of awe and amazement, or even things that have creeped me out (not gross creeped, fear creeped).

            I’m sure some would argue that there are plenty of blogs or discussion threads that have come before me with the same goal in mind. So, what can I bring to the table that no one else can? Perhaps I have an inside connection that allows me top-notch top-secret information on key government conspiracies. Maybe I was granted access aboard the mother ship for a quick tour of the universe and they forgot to mind wipe my experience. It could be that I found an ancient burial ground and was possessed by the spirits of the old worlds for 179 days before I was spiritually cleansed, only to bring to you the tales I have learned from beyond the grave. Is it possible that I had a conversation with a travelling inter-dimensional being, and he bestowed such great knowledge on me that I’m about to launch some of the best “how to” blogs the likes of which the world has never seen?

So, which one do you think it could be? Well my friends, I hope your table has some sturdy legs, as I’m bringing all that and more! In all seriousness, the point I’m trying to make is I have a lot of things I’d like to share with you out there. Some of it may be “how to” blogs from my experiences, while some may be on the conspiracy theory side of things (like what if scenarios or hyperboles). Then, there’s going to be some of those “way out there” ideas that’ll make you lose you minds! So, keep checking back as I will be uploading twice a week. I look forward to sharing a bit of myself with you and can’t wait to hear from you! Check out the menu to find links to The Unraveling Mind on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. See you soon!